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Reviews: A New Beginning

 ANB is an intense, heartwarming story about second chances and new beginnings I highly recommend. Chelsea, the female   MC, is such a lovely character! I can't get over her thoughts and reactions while giving birth; those were as funny as emotional.   Everyone who's gone through that experience will certainly identify wi​th the feelings conveyed. Wonderful book. Looking   forward to the next installment of this series

 I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were so believable and I was totally drawn into the storyline. I appreciated the   variety of twists and turns in the plot as they kept my interest throughout the entire book. I must say that I am anxiously   awaiting the next book in the series. Thank you for the great read, Ricki Dagosta!

 Loved the love story! Could not put this down - read it in 2 days! I love that the author takes the reader through more than just   one relationship struggle, more like real life of love. So good!

 This book is a page-turner! I couldn't put it down. This is the first of a multiple series work, and if the first book is any indication   - I will be buying the entire series! The characters are so real and believable, you are rooting (and scowling) at them from the  first chapter on. You want to call them and give them advice, they are that believable. Great read! -- Can't wait for MORE from   this author!

 Absolutely loved the book! Looking forward to reading the second one to come out this fall!

​​ Chelsea is in a hard place after the death of her husband & birth of her new son. Stuck with all his debts her life is difficult.   Scott, who also happened to deliver her son, shows interest but only a more benefits style relationship. Which at the time   suited her until Jack, her first love makes a reappearance. Who will she chose? Her mum has only one person in mind & makes   life difficult. Jack is also her brothers friend so there is a lot going on. At times it did get a bit heavy & I felt bogged down with it   really going nowhere. Plus it took me awhile to get into the story. Scott showed his true colours & I didn't find him very likeable   & Jack too had his moments. Overall it was a decent read with Chelsea navigating her way into a new life after the death of   Brian.  

 I adored this novel, the characters, and the overall theme of love, second chances, love, family, and just love. Luckily, I have the   next novel in this series, patiently waiting for me on my Kindle, and can’t wait to dig into to it. A New Beginning has family   drama, romance, angst, misunderstandings, and forgiveness. I highly recommend this to readers that are craving something     romantic without all the naughty, steamy bits.